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Required Online Forms and Physical Exams

Required Pre-Participation Documentation


Please read the following important information regarding required pre-participation paperwork and physical exams for the 2023-24 school year. CSISD has a new platform for managing all pre-participation paperwork, so it is imperative that you read the entirety of this page to ensure that your child is prepared for the 2023-24 school year.

Each year, in order for your student to be eligible to participate in athletics, band, cheer, or drill team, there are two things that your child MUST have:

  1. A physical exam with medical history. Required prior to any participation, including try-outs and off-season workouts. 

  2. Completed online paperwork. Paperwork for the 2023-24 school year will become available on April 1, 2023.

*The completion of all 2023-24 online paperwork in RankOne (excluding the physical exam) will be your child’s final exam grade for athletics/band/cheer/drill team for the Spring 2023 semester. 

RankOne - Online Forms

Parents/guardians will need to provide medical/insurance information, permissions, and signatures for their child before they can participate in CSISD for any program. Parents/guardians will need to complete these forms online using the new CSISD RankOne system. RankOne is REPLACING the PlanetHS/Big Teams platform previously used in CSISD. 

ALL parents/guardians will need to create an account in RankOne in order to complete the required online forms. Please utilize the  tutorial documents linked below and to the right of this page for assistance in completing this task. Online forms for the 2023-24 school year will become available on April 1, 2023.

How to Complete Online Forms with a Parent Account

CSISD RankOne Parent Portal 

Forms to be Completed in RankOne:

  • UIL – Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation & Medical History

  • Emergency Information and Consent to Treat

  • UIL Forms Signature Page

    • Acknowledgement of Rules

    • Concussion Acknowledgement Form

    • Parent/Student Steroid Agreement Form

    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Form

    • UIL Ethics and Hazing

  • UIL Parent Information Manual and Safety Training Manual Acknowledgement

*The completion of all 2023-24 online paperwork in RankOne (excluding the physical exam) will be your child’s final exam grade for athletics/band/cheer/drill team for the Spring 2023 semester.


To complete/upload all required online pre-participation documentation (medical history, physical exam, and UIL required online forms), please click here. Forms for the 2023-24 school year will become available on April 1, 2023.

Get the RankOne App!

Download the RankOne app on your phone or tablet to have access to

  • All Online Forms/Physicals

  • Team Schedules

  • Manage Your Account

  • Receive Notifications about your child via Coaches and Medical Staff

Pre-Participation Physical Exam Information

Physical exams are required to be completed using the Pre-Participation - Physical Examination Form linked here. Per UIL rules, NO OTHER  form can be accepted. Hard copies of this form will be sent home with your child through their coach/program director. PDF copies can also be found at the links to the right.

CSISD will accept physicals for the 2023-2024 academic year physician dated on or after April 1, 2023. Any physical dated prior to April 1, will expire on August 1.

A&M Consolidated High School will be hosting a physical exam day on May 3, 2023 from 3pm to 6pm in Tiger Gym for $20. This event is a fundraiser. ALL proceeds will go towards the AMCHS Sports Medicine Program to purchase the medical equipment and supplies used to care for our Tiger student-athletes, band, cheer, and drill team members. Informational fliers about how to sign up for this event will be sent home with students by their coach/program director. Virtual fliers will also be sent out via email, Schoology, and social media platforms. For up to date information please check back to this page. 

If you are unable to attend the AMCHS Physical Day event, CSHS will host an event on May 10th and the Middle Schools will have a joint event on May 17th at CSISD Central Office. If you prefer to see your family physician, please have them complete the UIL approved physical exam form. 

Once completed, please upload the physical exam document directly into your RankOne account (see RankOne information above). Please do NOT bring hard copies to turn in. Hard copies will NOT be accepted. You can print forms for your records, however, AMCHS does NOT need a hard copy of any forms or physical exams.

Once your child’s physical is completed and uploaded in RankOne, the athletic training staff will review it for approval.


  • Physical Exams will take place in the Gymnasiums at AMCHS. You may PARK in the large parking lot in the BACK of the school building in the student parking lot. 
  • Parents are welcome to attend physical day with their child if they wish to do so, but this is NOT required. 
  • To check in, you will need to ENTER at the main entrance of the Tiger Competition Gym via the LONG WALL OF GLASS DOORS at the BACK of AMCHS. For example: as if you were coming to a Tiger basketball or volleyball game. 
  • Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time. If you cannot remember your appointment time please check your email inbox for your receipt and various reminder emails that contain your appointment information.
  • Once completed, your physical exam will be kept and uploaded to RankOne by the AMCHS Athletic Trainers. You will be encouraged to take a picture of your physical exam on a personal cell phone before leaving the building for your records. You can also access your physical exam from your account in RankOne. 
  • You will EXIT out of the glass doors facing the Multi-Sport Field House/Tiger Softball Field.
  • You should anticipate the exam process to take between 20-30 minutes. 

***Students with corrected vision should bring their glasses or contacts with them to physical exam day.  A vision exam is part of the exam. Vision in one or both eyes less than 20/40 may result in the need for further evaluation prior to participation.

***Students with known medical conditions including but not limited to asthma, cardiac conditions, diabetes, seizures and/or severe allergies requiring epinephrine should not attend a CSISD physical exam day event and should instead see their primary care physician.  Additional documentation is required for known medical conditions before participation clearance is granted.   



How to Sign Up for AMCHS Physical Day


*All appointment sign-ups must be made IN-PERSON in the AMCHS Field House Athletic Training Room.

1. Fill out the personal information and medical history "yes/no" questions on the physical exam form. (blank forms will be sent home with each student and can also  be found at the link above)

2. Have the parent AND student sign the bottom of the physical exam form.

3. Student or Parent will bring the completed form and $20 (card, cash, or check to CSISD) to Elli Dinkmeyer or Deion Tolliver in the Field House Athletic Training Room located in front of the Tiger football stadium on Welsh Ave. 

Make-Up Physical Exam Day

Opportunity for make-up Physical Day: 

May 17th, 4-7pm @ CSISD CENTRAL OFFICE

If you missed AMCHS Physical Day and are still in need of an updated physical for next year, then mark your calendars for our make-up physical day opportunity. ANY CSISD student is welcome to come to Middle School/Make-up Physical Day on May 17th, 4-7pm at CSISD Central Office

Go Tigers!

Days Until Make-Up Physical Exam Day